What exactly is cold process soap?
All soap is the result of a chemical reaction called saponification that occurs between lye and fat or oil. This process creates glycerin, soap and unsaponifiable which gives handcrafted soaps their unique qualities.
Cold process soap making is a soap-making method that combines oil and an alkali (also known as sodium hydroxide or lye) to make soap without additional or external heat sources. This process of converting the fats or oil into soap (thru the introduction of lye) is called saponification. After 24 hours the lye is completely evaporated with none left in the finished product. 
Most cold-process soaps also require a longer waiting period of 4-6 weeks - some even longer before they are ready for use which in soap makers terms is called “curing time”.
Why should I use cold process soap?
Simply put, commercial soaps are mass produced and full of unwanted and unnecessary ingredients that are not good for your skin. Your skin is a protective barrier for your internal organs and muscles. It also excretes waste products and excess salts from your body through sweat and tears. Your skin is also meant to absorb substances that are good for you, like Vitamin D from the sun, or healing herbals and essential oils. So of course your skin can also absorb substances that are BAD for you! When your skin absorbs harmful chemicals, their toxins can lodge in your cells, tissues and muscles and eventually overwhelm your entire immune system.
A weakened immune system can no longer do it's real job of defending you against disease-causing viruses, bacteria, fungal infections like candida, yeast, cancer and many other serious conditions. Because cold process soaps are made with natural oils and butters to nourish your skin and free from all harsh chemicals they protect your bodies most vital organs. 
Why are handmade soaps more expensive?
1. Backcountry Farms is a one woman show. I do it all, start to finish. From ordering product, keeping tabs on inventory, sourcing ingredients, creating labels, packaging, mixing, creating, shipping, foraging for pretty soap top decorations, you name it, I do it! 
2. I only use pure essential oils and with that comes a higher price tag but to me that alone is worth it. No guessing what you are putting on your skin. All ingredients are ethically sourced and this is of the utmost importance to me. I want to provide the best possible products for my customers. 
3. I'm not a commercial warehouse and make everything in small batches with my own 2 hands and very minimal equipment. This allows for more control with every batch and gives me the time to create the beautiful luxurious bars that you see.
4. We often hear "It's to expensive" for many different things. Let's shift our mindset and say "That is not in my budget right now". I do my very best to price accordingly. I want everyone to be able to afford products that are free from chemicals and toxins found in commercial soaps and skincare products. Keep in mind that 1 bar of soap will typically last a month if not longer depending on usage. Think of all those coffee's you buy throughout a month. Swap out 2 coffee shop drinks and treat yourself to a beautiful bar of soap!
What products do you use to make your soaps?
We use only high quality ethically sourced pure essential oils as well as skin loving butters and oils for the best benefits. Not parabens, no phthalate's, no BPA's, no chemicals. Nothing harsh or damaging to the skin. All ingredients are listed in the description under each bar of soap. 
Do you test on animals?
No!! Our soaps are all vegan which makes them cruelty free and never tested on animals of any kind. Along with family and friends I personally test all of my products to ensure they are amazing before sending out into the world!
I'm allergic to fragrance - do you have any scent free soaps?
We do not use any fragrance's in our soaps, only pure essential oils. That being said some people are extra sensitive and even that is too much for them. I try to create one scent free monthly bar to keep in stock. They are just as beautiful as the others :)
I have sensitive skin - will I be able to use your soaps?
Our soaps are made with gentle oils and butters that are very nourishing to your skin. Keep in mind that if you are extra sensitive please be sure to perform a small patch test on the inside of your wrist 24 hours before using the bar on your whole body. 
What size are your bars? 
All bars are hand cut by me, so size and design may vary slightly from bar to bar. They are each roughly 100-110 gr.
How long will a bar of soap last and how can I make it last longer?
Great question! This will vary from person to person and how often you shower or use the bar. I usually get around a month or more out of 1 bar of soap. For a longer lasting bar we highly recommend our soap saver pouches also available on the website. This will prolong your bar for sure and allow you to use up every last sliver. You can also cut your bar in half and use it that way!
How long does soap stay fresh?
We suggest storing in a cool dry place until you use your bar for maximum freshness. The tricky thing with using only essential oils is that the scent will fade faster than fake fragrance oils. I use kaolin clay in each batch and this helps bind the scent better and last longer and has also been known to benefit the skin so it's a win win! If you find the scent has faded, this is normal and will likely come through again once the bar is wet.
When will my order ship?
Orders are processed to ship in 3-5 Business Days. If there are extra delays due to unforeseen circumstances I will inform you ahead of time.